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     I have been doing Genealogy for over 25 years. For me there is nothing more exciting then researching and uncovering where and when our families came from.

     I have researched my Oregon Trail pioneers. Some of my family fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Some were outstanding citizens and some were scoundrels! I have researched two of my grandparents and their families in the Swedish church records. I’ve looked at the papers my Grandfather filled out for his homestead in North Dakota as well as the papers that made him a US citizen. There was also the surprise at finding out how many records were available on my Husband’s Native American family and ancestors.

     The biggest surprise of all came from DNA. DNA solved the brick wall of what happened to my long lost Grandfather who disappeared in 1920. The best surprise of all was discovering a half-Sister that I had never known about.

     I could go on for pages about the thrill of learning about my family. It is also rewarding to find information about someones family, and to see their excitement upon finding where they came from!




These are a few of the organizations I am a member of:


~  Association of Professional Genealogists  ~

~  Oregon Historical Society Oregon  ~

~  Genealogical Forum of Oregon  ~

~  Son & Daughters of Oregon Pioneers  ~

~  Oregon Genealogical Society  ~



• Family History/Genealogical Research: Tracing your ancestry. This could include one or more lines of your family, or all of your family. Maybe you want to know more about the descendants of one particular ancestor and who your cousins are today. Find out when and where your ancestors immigrated to the USA and from where. An in depth study on one family or ancestor. This could include Census, Birth, Marriage, Death, Military, Immigration, Migration, and more. If you are not sure where or what you want to find out, lets talk about it!


• Scandinavian Research: Learn about your family from one of the Scandinavian Countries like Sweden or Norway. What part of your family may have stayed in the “old country” instead of emigrating like your ancestor? What will the church records reveal?


• Native American Research: There were many records kept on the American Indian in the 1800 and 1900’s. Maybe you can prove whether the rumor in the family about being “part Indian” is correct or not!


• Brick Wall Problems: Maybe you enjoy doing your own Genealogy but have reached a brick wall or problem. I can work with you and perhaps help you develop a research plan to help break down that wall!


• Regional Research for Researchers From Other Areas: I have access to repositories, cemeteries, etc. in Oregon and Southern Washington. I am willing to go to Seattle (National Archives), and other locations in Oregon and Washington. Cost would depend on where and research needed.


• House Histories: Have you ever wondered about the history of the house you grew up in? Who lived there before you and after? Or what about the home an ancestor built in the 1800’s? Is it still there? What happened to it and who lived in it? Does your family still live there? Perhaps it is a vacant house and the ownership is in question.



The initial consultation (one hour) is free. For General Research the rate is charged by the hour. I do not have a minimum charge.


You can “pay as you go”. You can set a limit on the project, and when that is reached, you can decide if you want to continue, wait for a while, or stop.


A deposit is to be paid before starting the project. The amount can be determined during the consultation.


Additional expenses such as postage, copies, microfilm rental, travel, etc. would be reimbursed at cost. Receipts would be provided.

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